Will The 2024 Election Mean The Collapse Of American Society?

There are very few people who think that the Presidential Election in 2024 will actually be, well, Presidential. 

So far, until we are proven anything different, we are looking at a rematch between former President Trump and Joe Biden. 

I have been on record for over a year stating that no matter who runs and who wins, the state of our politics means that there will be NO calm after the election. 

No matter which side wins, “peaceful” protests and chaos will ensue. 

Protesters watch as a Cleveland police cruiser burns near the Justice Center during a rally, May 30, 2020, for justice in the death of George Floyd.

And now it appears that this notion is catching on in the prepper community and more of us are starting to speak out to the masses that are not ready for what is coming, that now is the time to get your poop in a group. 

The more voices that are joining this choir the more reasons and versions of what will play out, that are being expressed and it is amazing. 

Preppers are usually associated with just the Extreme Right Wing population of the country, but in this case, that may no longer be an accurate depiction. 

There is a faction of lefty leaning leftists that are fearful that when elected, President Trump will prove to be so inept that he will botch a rescue from a natural disaster, or a potential attack, that will leave hundreds of thousands without what they need to survive. And they are actively getting prepared right now. 

Now, I don’t really care as much about political affiliation as much as I do about people being prepared to take care of their family and loved ones. So I see this as a good thing. 

There are simply too many people in our country that are blind and deaf to what is coming our way in just a matter of months. 

I hope you and your family are actively getting your shit together now. 

As you already know as a Patriot Alert News Subscriber, you MUST be prepared and diligent at all times. 

What are your thoughts? 

Let me know where you stand on your preps and how my team and I can help 

-Steven Stone 

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