Vivek Destroys Romney Chair Woman & Blows Hailey Out Of The Water AND Exposed Corrupt Media All In One Night 

The recent RNC debate that aired on NBC was one for the record books. 

After two debates that failed miserably, and resulted in what appeared to be a bunch of no talent buffoons tripping over each other, the third debate was anything but. 

A shining light emerged from the dimwitted darkness that is the RNC candidate pool and he lit the stage on fire calling out the RNC chairwoman, Romney’s daughter, and coaxing her to just come on stage and quit because of her failed leadership. 

He then turned his sights on Nikki Hailey and obliterated her with three key blows telling her she needs to mind her family first before attacking him. 

Then last, and my favorite, is when he blasted the liberal moderators and called NBC out for pushing the Russian Collusion Hoax on their network and officially exposed the corruption of the mainstream media AND openly questioned the intelligence behind having such a liberal network hosting the Republican Debates. 

WOW! What a night. 

Now the BIG question is, how does Trump respond to the surge Vivek is going to take in the polls over the coming week ahead?

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