The Black Friday Wall Of Deals

We have source some of the best Black Friday Deals on the web that members of our community, like you, could every want! Shopping for yourself or looking for gifts for loved one’s, you’re sure to find something here. Some are FREE and others are significantly discounted. All of them have limited supplies, so be sure to get what you want now before they are gone.


Sexy Steel River Redwood Stiletto

Forged from weather resistant stainless steel, this flip open knife is a perfect EDC for anyone you can think of. You can get yourself one for FREE while supplies last. CLICK HERE To Get The Full Details

SmartGuard WIFI Security Video Bulb

What the HECK is a Video Bulb?

Well it is the best kept secret in affordable home security and just like it sounds, it’s an HD, 360 degree panning, security camera that hides in plain sight as a light bulb, catching unaware robbers and looters in their tracks and even though this is our #1 favorite on this list, YOU CAN GET IT FREE !

It packs all the high tech you want in home security into an easy to use, compact unit that is so easy that if you can literally screw in a light bulb you can use this. There are so many features packed into this unit. CLICK HERE TO SEE FOR YOURSELF

This Amazing Solar Freezer Has Sold Out Twice…

But We Have It Here For You At A Sweet Deal…

Keep food an medicine packed away safe and sound even during a dangerous blackout AND for this Black Friday Deal out friends at 4 Patriots are throwing in a FREE Polar Panel and Batter Back Up

Click Here To See This Great Black Friday Deal On This Lifesaving Tool

RECON Stealth Drone With HD Camera

Let’s face it…

Drones are just cool and they are fun to play with, take awesome videos with, and learn the tactical skill of flying one. Great for adults and kids alike, this Recon Drone will be a popular gift this Christmas and today you can get this $249 drone for FREE

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