Surviving Socialism: A Prepper’s Guide to Navigating the Coming Economic Collapse

The economy is always changing, and with it, the balance of power in the world. One thing that’s certain is that we’re heading towards socialism more quickly than ever before. With government debt soaring and bureaucracy growing, it’s never been more important to be prepared for an economic collapse. In the world of prepping, this means being ready to survive and thrive in a society that’s increasingly socialistic. Here’s your guide on how to best navigate these times and come out ahead.

Plan for Barter

Money may not be worth much in the future if the economy collapses, and you’ll have to rely on barter to get what you need. That’s why it’s wise to build up a collection of items that people will always want, such as food, water, and ammunition. These basic necessities will become invaluable in a socialistic society, and those who have them will be the new currency.

Focus on Land

One of the best things that you can invest in is land. Owning property ensures food security, as you can start a garden and raise animals for meat and milk. It also offers a sense of security that’s impossible to achieve in transient living situations. This is particularly true in socialist-leaning societies, where you may be subject to new laws and regulations that make it difficult to live as you wish. Land ownership means you won’t be subject to arbitrary rule changes or be forced to flee at a moment’s notice.

Become a Jack of All Trades

In a capitalist society, it’s easy to delegate tasks to professionals. However, in a socialistic society, you may need to become a jack of all trades to survive. Cultivate skills in areas like medicine, carpentry, and welding, so that you can make and mend things as needed. The more you’re able to do yourself, the better you’ll be able to navigate societal changes and live a self-sufficient lifestyle.

Build a Community

Humans have always relied on others to survive, and this won’t change in a socialistic society. Building a strong community of like-minded individuals is key to survival when the government fails. Focus on finding people with the same values and beliefs as you, but also those who bring a variety of skills and knowledge to the table. Working together not only improves your chances of survival, but also makes life more enjoyable in difficult times.

Stay Informed

Finally, staying informed is one of the best things you can do to keep yourself safe in a socialistic society. In socialist countries, political propaganda is rampant, and it’s essential to have access to alternative sources of information. Be vigilant and critically analyze news sources to stay up to date on changes that may impact your life.

Surviving socialism is all about being prepared for a change of infrastructure and the rules that go along with it. It’s essential to plan for barter, focus on land ownership, become a jack of all trades, build a community, and stay informed. Remember that the world is always changing, and it’s better to be prepared than caught off guard. With these tips, you’ll be able to navigate the coming economic collapse and emerge on the other side stronger and more self-sufficient than ever before.

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