EXPOSED: Zuckerberg’s Terrifying Plan To Re Engineer Society Including A Patent For Bionic Eyeballs 

Meta’s $36 BILLION plot to reengineer society by designing their platforms to be even more addictive and trap generations. 

They have been accused of intentionally using harmful tactics to get young user addicted to their platforms and it has been documented that the increased use of Facebook and Instagram has lead to increased rates of depression and suicide. 

Human interactions have definitely taken a noticeable change for the worse over the last few years. Between pandemic lockdowns and increased dependency on social media, we have seen an agitated, stressed, and angry portion of society bubble to the surface. 

All of a sudden Karens and Chads were all over the place. 

Then it continued on to the lax execution of laws that lead to increased violence in both numbers of events as well as the severity of the violence amongst youth. 

We are left facing a pocket of the youth who have come to believe that they are untouchable and can commit heinous crimes like hit and run murders on retired police officers and get away with it. 

Dozens of state attorneys have filed suit against Meta for harming children by addicting them to their social media platforms. 42 states in all. 

One of the biggest challenges we face is that our Government is slow to move, slower to understand, and is run by a bunch of people who don’t understand what they are attempting to regulate. 

Many of these representatives are self serving and are only in this fight because they were advised it is a “good election resume booster.” 

Remember a few years back when a head of an investigation committee asked Zuckerberg how Facebook even makes any money? 

Yeah, those are the folks who are going to save our future generations form tech like social media and NOW AI. 

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