Bud Light Still Getting Hammered No Matter How Big A Name They Pay To Rebuild Them 

Bud Light is still silently suffering in the pitiful wake of their failed “WOKE” campaign that upset their core base and forced their stocks to sink to the depths of the bottom of the sea. 

And while the loud noise and ever reaching fury of their base protesting this once iconic brand, their attempts to recover have fallen on deaf ears.

The company has tried every way to attempt to regain sales by going back to their “old outdated marketing”, but the returns on these efforts has had little impact for the brand. 

Their biggest problem is that there is no one from the company that has the guts to do what is really needed. Just apologize. As simple as this concept sounds, we have yet to hear any words of apology from the brand. 

Until the company formally, clearly, and completely apologizes, they will not see any fruits of their effort. Instead, without an apology, their efforts are seen as false. 

They are throwing more and more money, getting bigger and bigger names into their campaigns, and getting no result for their money. 

Here is their latest attempt where they have Payton Manning and Emmet Smith walking into a bar and buying rounds of Bud Light for the entire bar. Two things that stand out… 

  1. The messaging implies that they realize they will have to give away their beer 
  2. The ICONS they pay to be in these campaigns don’t even drink the product themselves

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