BLM Leader Endorses Trump!

“Unlikely Advocacy: BLM Co-Founder Voices Support for Trump’s 2024 Bid”

In a surprising twist within political advocacy circles, Mark Fisher, known for co-founding a Rhode Island chapter of Black Lives Matter and establishing a related new organization, has embarked on a media tour with a provocative message: endorsing Donald Trump for the presidential run in 2024. Fisher’s unapologetic stance emerges amid widespread political dissatisfaction, as he expresses a stark preference for Trump over current and potential candidates.

In a candid conversation with interviewer Kim Iversen, Fisher’s commentary cut through the usual political rhetoric. “Everybody else sucks,” he stated bluntly, indicating a sweeping discontent with the current political landscape. When pressed by Iversen on whether Trump was merely a less disagreeable option rather than a genuinely favorable one, Fisher doubled down on his position.

He articulated a personal fondness for Trump and did not mince words when expressing his severe disillusionment with the current administration. “Personally, and I think right now who we have sitting in the Oval Office is just a deep disappointment,” Fisher remarked, his sentiments extending equally to his views on the vice president.

This article delves into Fisher’s unconventional support for Trump, exploring the roots and implications of his stance within the broader context of contemporary political discourse.
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