Argentina Shocks The World And Handedly Elects Libertarian Outsider To Save Them From Decades Of Decline – US Dems Put On Notice

An over-charismatic outsider rose from obscurity to  absolute domination of a political system that ruled to profit the few and drive the masses into poverty. 

Recent bouts with hyper-inlfation drove the narrative and resulted in a 55.7% dominance of the election. 

This should scare the living daylights out of the leftists in the US. 

We already know it does because we are seeing the extraordinary measures that the left is taking to effectively eliminate Trump from even running by using the legal system as a bear trap clamped down on Trump’s foot. 

The Right needs to think about, if not Trump then who? 

There others that can take on the mantle, but can any of these candidates keep the base in the same manner as Trump has been able to? 

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